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When Rehab Doesn’t Work – The Daily Beast
That stigma is one of the reasons addiction treatment is far from current with the latest scientific literature, says Anne Fletcher, who spent years interviewing rehab patients and researching the facilities taking care of them for her book Inside Rehab.

Anne’s first column as monthly “Rehab Insider” columnist at
“Sober Homes are too ‘Clean’”

SHAPE Magazine: 5 Must-Have Diet Books
By Karen Ansel

USA Today: Diet books with some heft
“Pound for pound, these could be just the ticket to a healthier life
Anne Fletcher … has three excellent books based on her research… The books have very helpful insights about losing weight and keeping it off.”
By Nanci Hellmich

WebMD chooses Thin for Life as a favorite diet book for healthy, lasting weight loss.
By Kathleen Zelman, MPH, RD, WebMD Director of Nutrition
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The New York Times: 104 Teens Who Are Role Models for Weight Loss
By Jane E. Brody

Behind the Success Stories: Adults Who Help but Don’t Nag
By Jane E. Brody

USA Today: Overweight teens bear an extra burden: Kids who trimmed down share their trials and triumphs
By Nanci Hellmich

US News & World Report: How to Succeed at Losing
“It’s tough, but kids can get to—and stay at—a healthy weight”

WebMD: Teen Weight Loss Secrets: Successful Teen Dieters Reveal Their Weight Loss Strategies
By Kathleen M. Zelman

The New York Times: An Author Explores 222 Paths to Sobriety
“Sometimes one book can make a difference…[Here] is a path to recovery for virtually everyone.”
By Jane E. Brody

The New York Times: Getting High on Life Without Abusing Alcohol
By Jane E. Brody

USA TODAY: Paths to Sobriety Go Beyond 12 Steps
“Fletcher’s main message: There are many different ways to get and stay sober. Some got sober with the help of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA). Others did it in other ways…”
By Nanci Hellmich

Obesity Management: Book Review: Thin for Life
“An excellent book…recounted in an easy-to-read, engaging writing style, the stories cannot help but make the process of weight loss seem both realistic and attainable…”
By Daniel Besseson, M.D.

American Medical Writers Association Journal: Media Reviews – Sober for Good
“…an essential guide for anyone who has, or has recovered from, a problem with alcohol abuse.
By Stan Goldman, PhD