Consulting / Recovery Coaching

Anne Fletcher serves as a consultant for causes and activities related to addiction, recovery, nutrition, lifestyle change, and weight management. Anne currently serves as Community Liaison and lead writer for the editorial forum, Pro Talk at She is also a Certified Progressive Recovery Coach with a special interest in helping families who have loved ones struggling with drug and alcohol use disorders.

In the area of addiction and recovery, Anne served as a consultant to her county drug court for which she helped develop the treatment program. She continues to serve on its steering committee and was also on the advisory board for a high school for teens with substance use disorders.

Among her previous consulting activities is a videotape series for health professionals on how to work with overweight children and adolescents that she helped develop for (McNeil Nutritionals).

Anne was also a founding member of and writer for the and websites for overweight teen girls and their mothers.

Recognizing the need for college students to be educated about healthy weight management, Anne worked with the Aramark food service corporation, which sponsored her on a lecture tour to multiple campuses.

In the past, Anne acted as a consultant for General Mills, Roche Pharmaceuticals, the Wheat Foods Council, Weber Shandwick, Long John Silver’s Restaurants, National Fisheries Institute, and the National Fish and Seafood Promotional Council.

“I recommend Anne Fletcher. She was extremely helpful in getting our county drug court to use evidence-based practices, including motivational enhancement therapy and SMART Recovery. She fully participated in the drug court planning initiative and was a great resource for information due to her connections around the nation and willingness to seek out cutting edge information.”
– Drug Court administrator, Minnesota