My Take On Celebrity Rehabs for Addiction Treatment – Part 1

Every time the death of an addiction-troubled celebrity – such as the recent suicide of country singer, Mindy McCready – makes headlines, my heart aches, as it does over the loss of anyone who suffered from a drug or alcohol problem. But somehow, celebrity deaths hit deeper, not only because the whole world gets the news 24/7, but because it makes us wonder, “How did this happen, when they had it all – when they could afford the best of care, and when their fans were all rooting for them?”

The truth is, addiction afflicts celebrities just as it does the rest of us. In some ways, it can be worse because of always being in the public eye, with everyone watching for the next screw-up with drugs, alcohol, or personal relationships. Then, when they go to rehab, the programs stars and starlets frequent are subject to the same issues that I found endemic to the addiction treatment system in general.

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