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Inside Rehab


Inside Rehab:The Surprising Truth about Addiction Treatment-and How to Get Help that Works

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What happens inside drug and alcohol rehab centers and how rehab works are a mystery to those outside the industry – and sometimes even to those inside it. INSIDE REHAB: The Surprising Truth About Addiction Treatment—and How to Get Help That Works (Viking; $27.95; ISBN: 978-0-670-02522-0; On Sale February 11, 2013), by trusted medical writer and New York Times bestselling author Anne M. Fletcher, is the first book to give readers a thoughtful and sensitive yet no-holds-barred insider’s view of drug and alcohol rehab. It focuses on real people whose stories illustrate the serious issues facing individuals in rehab and endemic in the rehab industry today. Some stories are disturbing while others are inspiring, as they provide an honest and critical look at the current state of the addiction treatment industry in the U.S., contrasting what goes on in rehab with what experts and scientific studies suggest should go on.

For an on-site perspective, Fletcher personally made visits to 15 addiction treatment programs that opened their doors to her – including the famous celebrity rehab, Promises, in Malibu and renowned 12-step programs (both adult and adolescent sites); outpatient programs that treat indigent people; and several unconventional programs. Fletcher’s interviews with hundreds of rehab clients and staffers fill the pages, providing a close-up view of what really goes on in rehab. She shatters many long-held myths, including: “to recover from addictions, most people need to go to rehab”; “highly trained professionals provide most of the ‘treatment’ in addiction programs”; and “you shouldn’t use drugs to treat a drug addict.”

Anne Fletcher also shares insights about how the rehab experience could be more effective, and highlights programs and practices that show us what treatment should look like. Her connections with leading experts doing cutting edge research on addiction treatment are evident throughout the book. Through the stories, descriptions of Fletcher’s rehab visits, and in-depth research, INSIDE REHAB explores the gap in addiction treatment between “best practice” and reality, and at the same time provides readers with practical solutions and thoughtful guidance about how to find quality care when it’s needed.

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Thin For Life


Thin for Life: 10 Keys to Success from People Who Have Lost Weight and Kept It Off

Foreword by Jane Brody, The New York Times
• $15.00 U.S. – Purchase Here
  • • National Health Information Award
  • • A favorite weight-loss book, chosen by Web MD and Shape magazine

This revised edition of the acclaimed bestseller incorporates strategies used by hundreds of people who have lost weight and kept it off with exciting recent scientific research. Inspiring stories fill the pages. The book addresses such critical issues as boosting belief in yourself, taking charge and doing it for you, positive self-talk, problem solving, getting more out of life, exercise motivation, finding a personal “right” way to lose weight, and breaking the relapse cycle. The Tufts University Health & Nutrition Letter calls Thin for Life one of the best diet books on the market… “What makes this book stand out is that you actually want to start eating less as you’re going through it. It’s that motivating.”

Thin For Life Daybook


Thin for Life Daybook: A Journal of Personal Progress — Inspiration and Keys to Success from People Who Have Lost Weight and Kept It Off

• $16.95 U.S. – Purchase Here

Lose weight and change your eating habits one step at a time with this inspiring spiral-bound, week-by-week journal. The Thin for Life Daybook makes it easy to take control of your weight and ultimately your life. The Daybook includes the following: Weekly Wisdom – a motivational message from a master, and simple weight-loss strategies for the week; Weekly Forecast – a space to set your own goals, anticipate obstacles, and make an exercise plan; Weekly Diary – two pages for keeping track of your eating and exercise habits, and a place to record your successes. More than a mere journal, the Thin for Life Daybook is your indispensable tool for permanent weight loss

Eating Thin For Life


Eating Thin for Life: Food Secrets and Recipes from People Who Have Lost Weight and Kept It Off

Foreword by Graham Kerr, cookbook author and TV personality
• $15.00 U.S. – Purchase Here


  • • National Health Information Award
  • • A top weight-loss book, Good Housekeeping

In Eating Thin for Life, the real experts — hundreds of people from all walks of life (“the masters”) who shed unwanted pounds permanently — reveal how they manage their food lives in the kitchen, at the table, in restaurants, and during “the tough times”. This book is also a complete cookbook that includes 122 of the masters’ favorite low-fat recipes — from Pineapple Right-Side-Up Coffee Cake to Oven-Fried Chicken to Rich Chocolate Cake with Raspberry Sauce.

Weight Loss Confidential


Weight Loss Confidential: How Teens Lose Weight and Keep It Off — and What They Wish Parents Knew

Foreword by Holly Wyatt, M.D., University of Colorado Health Sciences Center
• $15.00 U.S. – Purchase Here
  • • National Health Information Award
  • • Mom’s Choice Award
  • •USA Book News Best Book Awards

Weight Loss Confidential is the first book written from the perspective of young people who succeeded at losing weight and keeping it off — one that’s based on firsthand accounts from teens and their parents about what works and what doesn’t for weight management. Using the approach that made her previous books bestsellers, Anne conducted in-depth surveys and interviews with more than 100 formerly overweight teens who lost weight in healthy ways. Her findings are interwoven with those from scientific studies, plus advice from leading experts in the field. The book addresses practical and controversial aspects of weight management for young people, as well as the role parents play in the process (both helpful and harmful strategies).

Use the links below to watch videos regarding the keys to success for parents and teens:
How Teens Lose Weight and Keep It Off
What Parents of Overweight Teens Should Know

Weight Loss Confidential Journal


Weight Loss Confidential Journal: Week-by-Week Success Strategies for Teens from Teens

• $15.00 U.S. – Purchase Here
  • • National Health Information Award

Weight Loss Confidential Journal is a roomy journal where you can write down what you eat, how much you exercise, and how you feel as you start to make changes in your life. It’s also a personal trainer, filled with advice from other teens who lost weight. You get hundreds of tips, like how to start exercising when you don’t want to and how to stop yourself from overeating. The journal provides tons of ideas for good-for-you munchies and super-quick meals that teens like to make – from chili and pita pizza to instant “cheesecake.” Plus a week’s worth of easy, low-cal breakfasts, lunches, dinners, and snacks get you started on the road to your best weight. (Adults have used it, too!)

Sober For Good


Sober for Good: New Solutions for Drinking Problems — Advice from Those Who Have Succeeded

• $14.95 U.S. – Purchase Here
  • • Research Society on Alcoholism Journalism Award
  • • Outstanding Contributions to Advancing the Understanding of Addictions Award, American Psychological Association
  • • National Health Information Award
  • • Distinguished Friend to Behavior Therapy Award

Weaving together the success stories of hundreds of ordinary people who overcame drinking problems (for 5 years or more) and the latest scientific research on the subject, Anne uncovers a simple truth: no single path to sobriety is right for every individual. There are many ways to get sober — and stay sober. The most comprehensive book on alcohol recovery available, Sober for Good includes:

• Motivational strategies from former problem drinkers
• Suggestions on what to do if you’re not ready to quit
• Advice for family and friends of problem drinkers
• A compendium of recovery resources

Sober for Good is for anyone who has ever struggled not to drink, coped with someone who has a drinking problem, or secretly wondered, “Do I drink too much?”

Books For Your Program

Anne’s books are used by weight and addictions programs, corporations, and HMOs – as well as by health professionals in private practice. Her books are available for resale/corporate purchase. Special discounts are available for bulk orders.

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From Programs and Professionals Using Anne’s Books

“The kids in our new teen program are having success, and the feedback on Weight Loss Confidential has been positive. The parents are finding it helpful. One dad said that it was a great read, very easy to follow, and that he gained information on how he could support his child through her weight loss/maintenance efforts.”-Diana Carlson, Behavioral Educator, Obesity Treatment Center Medical Group, Sacramento, CA.

Thin for Life is an excellent book. It makes the difficult journey of lifetime weight control seem possible – and worth taking. Books like this help people like me do their work.” – Daniel Kirschenbaum, Ph.D., professor, Northwestern University Medical School; director, Center for Behavioral and Sports Medicine, Chicago

Thin for Life should be required reading for anyone beginning a weight program, as it is in our multi-disciplinary program. It gives participants a picture of what they need to do to be successful. Long-term maintenance is about getting more out of life, and that’s what Thin for Life is all about.” – Robert Kantor, MD, University of Washington and Medical Director, Northwest Clinical Nutrition Center, Seattle

“By reading about other people with similar weight problems, my clients feel empowered. Thin for Life gives depth to the understanding we start to develop as we observe our clients (or ourselves) struggle with losing weight and then maintaining… I highly recommend this book for your library.” – Kathy King Helm, R.D., L.D., Journal of the American Dietetic Association

“We use Thin for Life for our 12-week group weight-loss program and include a copy for each person as part of the fee when they sign up. We like Thin for Life because it’s not a diet book – instead, it offers a mind-body-spirit approach.” – Suellyn Crossley, R.D., L.D., Florida Hospital, Orlando

“We give out copies of Sober For Good to each new client and family member of our clinic as an orientation to how we use a multitude of techniques and individualize approaches to change. We easily give out 100 of Anne’s books each year. Consumers who are shopping for treatment options find the book helpful in deciding how to proceed. Patients need to discover the competencies they will need to achieve and Sober for Good really helps. The book is one of the most versatile readings for patients and families. ” – Bob Muscala, R.N., Director, Muscala Chemical Health Clinic, Edina, MN

Sober for Good is a useful book for DWI treatment providers and their clients. It is not often that I run across a self-help book that is both a good read and provides helpful information.” – Reid Hester, Ph.D., director, Research Division, Behavior Therapy Associates, Albuquerque, NM

Sober for Good: “As a long term sober member of AA, I approached Sober for Good skeptically thinking it would be just another in the ‘bashing’ series. But it’s not. Fletcher does a very competent job surveying the various means of achieving sobriety…I went ahead and bought 5 copies for use with my AA sponsees to let them know that if they don’t feel comfortable with the work of the program, then it doesn’t mean they’re doomed to an early grave.” (Anonymous)

Thin for Life is a very important, encouraging book. We highly recommend the book to our clients and use it for the support group that follows our behavioral weight control program.” – Marilyn Bukoff Priddy, M.A., R.D., Saint Francis Medical Center, Peoria, Ill.

“Our clients rate Thin for Life as the #1 book to help them stay inspired and motivated with their weight management efforts.” -Jackie Boucher, MS, RD, C.D.E., HealthPartners, Minneapolis

“I recommend Thin for Life all the time and have found that for men, it is one of the few resources they will read, and they say it helps motivate them. (Most of the commercial programs are directed toward women.)” – Lynn Parker Klees, Registered Dietitian and Certified Diabetes Educator, Pennsylvania

“I loved the first edition of Thin for Life so much that I bought 50 copies and gave them to clients who also loved the book.” – Marg Alfieri, Registered Dietitian, President, Body Balance -Total Nutrition Care, Ontario, Canada

“I recommend your book all the time – it’s such a great support to my clients.” – Ann M. Silver, Registered Dietitian and Certified Diabetes Educator, New York

Thin for Life is one of the most informative, inspirational, interesting, and practical diet books that I have seen. I often recommend this book to my patients with weight problems.” – Steven Penkhus, M.D., Minnesota Obstetrician and Gynecologist

“We include Thin for Life in our Freedom From Diet program materials, along with other materials that we have developed. We focus on one part of the book each week (and our other materials) and expand on the skills and practice them in class. I also use Anne’s book in my personal weight management coaching business, Balanced Weight Management (” – Bob Wilson BS, DTR, instructor at Nutrition Specialist at Kaiser Permanente Northwest Region’s Freedom From Diets program. (Bob is also one of the “masters of weight control” included in Thin for Life. He lost 250 pounds and has kept it off for over 34 years.)

“I recommend Thin for Life for all my patients. My patients who are using the Thin for Life Daybook are very successful.” – Cheryl Orlansky, RD LD, Atlanta, GA