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My Take On Celebrity Rehabs for Addiction Treatment – Part 2

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Remember all the brouhaha about Charlie Sheen and his drug troubles a while back? Who can forget?! After trying numerous times to deal with his drug troubles the rehab way, Sheen was unfairly criticized for his decision to have “in-home” rehab. This attack was illustrative of the narrow thinking in celebrity rehab and in the […]

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My Take On Celebrity Rehabs for Addiction Treatment – Part 1

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Every time the death of an addiction-troubled celebrity – such as the recent suicide of country singer, Mindy McCready – makes headlines, my heart aches, as it does over the loss of anyone who suffered from a drug or alcohol problem. But somehow, celebrity deaths hit deeper, not only because the whole world gets the […]

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Anne’s opinion piece on at, “Did rehab fail McCready?”

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Excerpt: Tragically, another celebrity has died after years of struggling with addiction, personal demons and multiple stints at rehab. Country singer Mindy McCready’s death is in the headlines, but similar tragedies happen every day and you never hear about them. Take the case of Wyatt D., who went to rehab at least 12 times for […]

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Webinar: “Inside Rehab” with Anne Fletcher

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Anne Fletcher is a trusted New York Times bestselling health and medical writer who is known for her skill at weaving together personal experiences with thoroughly researched, cutting edge information about health issues.  Anne has appeared on NPR,  CNN, and many commercial television “talk news” shows.   Her bestselling book Sober for Good is a favorite among SMART Recovery members. You […]

Anne’s Blog: Going Inside Addiction Rehab life thesis your Essay middle
Consumers have a right to know what goes on in our addiction treatment system. For a long time, I’ve been fascinated with how people who have substance abuse problems achieve sobriety. Having written a series of books about people who lost weight and kept it off (the Thin for Life books), I realized that obesity and addiction have common attributes. They […]

From Weight Loss to Addiction Recovery

Why on earth would a nutritionist write about addiction rehab and recovery? When I was a kid, I never thought I’d study science or become a writer, let alone one who writes about health and substance use disorders, which is the technical name for drug and alcohol problems. After all those adolescent arguments with my […]